Feel good with facial treatments

Enjoy – feel good

Escape the daily grind and just let yourself be pampered all round. The best way to do that is with a beauty treatment. That's why, in addition to classic treatments, we also offer you exotic treatments such as a Chi Yang or Sung Rei facial treatment. Enjoy the nice things in life with a little bit of spa here in Bodenmais, because only those who feel well radiate natural beauty.

Facial Treatment XXL Beauty pur

Cleansing, eyebrow correction, exfoliation, deep-cleansing, mask, massage, ampule, eye poultice, daily care

approx. 90 min. 75.00 EUR

Facial treatment - little beauty-time

Cleansing, exfoliation, deep-cleansing, mask, daily care

approx. 60 min. 62.00 EUR

ICE CELL – Protection of skin stem cells

Facelift was yesterday – today in the fight against the fight, the method of high-tech cosmetics becomings more and more popular. Activates the blood - and tissue cells by biological stimuli, strong ans lasting revitalizing effect, skind smoothing and tightening.

approx. 70 min. 89.00 EUR

Hyaluronic - Anti-aging

Anti-aging treatment with multi-active hyaluronic acid for intensive moisturising, intensive wrinkle smoothing, stimulates cell renewal and protects against harmful environmental influences.

approx. 60 min. 75.00 EUR
approx. 90 min. 89.00 EUR


Absolutely smoothing, soothing and decongestant. Pure Lifting by small wrinkles, upholster!

approx. 60 min. 80.00 EUR


Anti-aging power treatment. This anti-aging treatment provides your skin with plenty of pure pearl and caviar extract. Moisturises dry, stressed and regenerative skin.

approx. 60 min. 75.00 EUR
approx. 90 min. 89.00 EUR

Vitamin A Power Boost

Provides an innovative anti-aging treatment. The skin is detoxified and intensively moisturized. Wrinkles and lines can be reduced - for a firm, fresh complexion.

approx. 60 min. 75.00 EUR

Vitamin C

This little lifting treatment with vitamin C protects the skin against damaging environmental influences and increases its resistance. The elasticity of the skin is enhanced and pigments and age spots can be counteracted.

approx. 60 min. 75.00 EUR

Kiwicha -  the Incan gold

Cares naturally for your skin. Kiwicha is designed for sensitive, dehydrated to dry and mature skin. Naturally herbal, free of mineral and silicone oils, free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

approx. 60 min. 65.00 EUR

Therma-lift treatment

Gentle radiofrequency therapy will give your skin a new freshness. Natural lifting effect, skin smoothing, skin tightening, tissue tightening. Applications: forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, chin-line correction, sagging neck and cheeks, wrinkled décolleté.

approx. 60 min. 92.00 EUR

Sea Delight - marine cosmetics of the highest standard

Sea-active substances such as algae, sea silt and oyster shell extract are true marvels of nature: they are ideally absorbed by the skin and optimally supply the skin cells, in order to specifically prevent premature aging of the skin. Sea Delight offers something to "sea"...

approx. 75 min. 89.00 EUR


Bassing on the secret oft the side. The anti-aging treatement accelerates the cell renewal process for a younger look. Special formula against moinsture loss, dryness wrinkles, wrinkles anf fine lines. Long-term visivle results.

approx. 75 min. 85.00 EUR


Relax and straighten with eye massage

approx. 20 min. 23.00 EUR

Men only

Facial treatment for men

Cleansing, exfoliation, deep-cleansing, ampule, mask and massage

approx. 70 min. 69.00 EUR

Some information so that we can prepare for your visit as well as possible!

Please let us know your wishes for treatments at an early stage. Please tell us about pregnancies or serious illnesses. Please let us know your telephone number or e-mail address so that we can contact you for further information.

Please understand that we can only give you your exact dates when you arrive at the hotel.

In the case of short stays, please indicate the arrival time, so that we can start with the treatments on the day of your arrival.


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